City of Golden Valley passes Pollinator Resolution

Golden Valley City Council unanimously passed a Pollinator Protection and Promoting Habitat Resolution on Tuesday, October 2nd. People for Pollinators, a subcommittee of the Garden Club were involved in this multi-faceted effort. Kudos to members Barb Ego, Jeanne Iverson, Linda Loomis, Sonia Casey, Jeannie Schwartz, Margaret Beegle, Nancy Hazzam, Judy Krause, and Larry Johnson for their successful efforts in getting this resolution in front of the City Council.

People for Pollinators and the Golden Valley Garden Club will continue to inform and educate the community regarding the importance of pollinators and habitats through programs and events such as the Arts and Music Festival, PRIDE Festival, Market in the Valley, and Hennepin County Library – Golden Valley). Here is the link to the full resolution:

Click to access Endorse-Pollinator-Protection.pdf

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